What is compounding Pharmacy?


What Exactly Does A Compounding Pharmacy In Melbourne Do?

You may have heard of these institutions before, maybe even visited one of ours, but what do they actually do? A Compounding pharmacy in Melbourne and beyond offer a variety of services that can help you and your family live healthier lives.

They provide everything from customised options for medications as well as extensive consultation services. If you’re not sure if a compounding pharmacy in Melbourne is right for you or your loved ones, keep reading.

What Makes Them Different

A compounding pharmacy is a specialised type of chemist that actively works with patients and their prescribing physicians to produce personalised medication according to their specific needs. These prescriptions are often tailored for individuals who suffer from allergies or chronic conditions that require unique treatments.

In addition, these places also offer consultation services that allow customers the opportunity to talk about ways to improve their health with the help of these tailored prescriptions. The specialist chemists that work in these places also have a strong relationship with a patient’s prescribing physician, ensuring that proper care is taken for each patient. It’s a vital circle of understanding and transparency when it comes to the chemist, the patient and prescribing doctor.

Before the pharmaceutical industry was as regimented and mass-producing as it is today, the practice and approach of a typical compounding pharmacy in Melbourne was much more widespread and collectively understood to be the norm.

Why People Love Them

The reason that these institutions are popular amongst patients is because they offer highly personalised medications that often have less side effects than traditional pharmaceuticals.
One of the more incredible utilities of a compounding pharmacy is in its ability to formulate medications that have been discontinued by the industry. While some medications have been discontinued for their profit margins or general availability, the patients who benefited the most from them are able to seek out a compounding pharmacy in Melbourne and potentially have it formulated.

Lastly, these specialists are able to custom fit medications for individuals who require special treatments or formulations; these include children and animals which don’t always respond well to generic drugs made by major pharmaceutical companies, or those with a sensitivity issue to higher doses of a standard medication.

Beneficiaries Of A Compounding Pharmacy In Melbourne

While mass-produced medications may be suitable for a section of the population, there are a number of patient groups that stand to benefit holistically from the approach demonstrated by a compounding pharmacy.

Allergen-Prone Patients

Patients suffering from allergies may use services like ours, to create a hypoallergenic medication. Working in conjunction with the prescribing physician, a compounding pharmacy can synthesise a medication without a particular allergen such as lactose, dyes, gluten etc. This allows those with a sensitive or reactionary immune system to receive the best possible treatment, with less negative ramifications.

Young Patients

Younger patients have a lot to gain from the use of a compounding pharmacy in Melbourne. As previously mentioned, the modern pharmaceutical industry leans toward a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to dosages, strength, and presentation. Stronger doses of a medication may not always be suitable for younger patients who still require treatment. A compounding pharmacy is able to reconstitute the medicine into a less potent form, thus allowing younger patients to have the desired result in their treatment.

Elderly Patients

The elderly fall under the same umbrella as the younger patients when it comes to potency adjustments. Weaker immune systems may not be able to tolerate typical dosages and strengths which is where a compounding pharmacy in Melbourne can come into play. As older citizens may also have issues with swallowing pills due to sickness, a specialised chemist may also be able to formulate a medication in an easier form, such as a liquid.

At PharmacySmart, we are always on the search for newer and better ways of looking after our patients. Keeping up to date with the latest research and reports that allow us to give a more tailored and holistic experience for you and the ones you love.

Animal Patients

We can’t talk about a compounding pharmacy without mentioning our furry (or non-furry) friends. Oftentimes people associate these establishments with traditional pharmaceuticals and medications for humans, but not a lot of people realise how wide of a berth they have in terms of efficacy. Animal medications are often expensive and mass-produced, leading to a variety of lower efficacy levels in treatments for our companions. A compounding pharmacy in Melbourne can work with veterinarians to achieve the optimal treatment plan that can make all the difference.

Eye Patients

For ocular ailments, a compounding pharmacy in Melbourne is just what the doctor should be ordering. The eye is one of the most sensitive regions of the body, especially when it comes to medical treatment. With that in mind, it stands to reason that a specialist is able to more accurately and precisely provide treatment options and medications that are best suited for your individual eye condition. Mass-produced pharmaceuticals are not always suitable for every eye, and when it comes to sensitivity and specificity of condition, they are not always the perfect fit.

We have a sterile lab, quality tested, and take the time to learn about each individual patient – which allows us to offer the treatment your eye deserves.

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