Pet Medications

At Pharmacy Smart, we offer effective, tailored Pet Medications for all types of pets such as dogs and cats. We can provide custom medication and treatments for pets suffering from allergies, eye and ear infections, anxiety and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Our compound Pharmacists provide treatment through our range of compound medications, which are customised to suit your pet’s own needs.

What animal health conditions does Pharmacy Smart treat with compounded pet medications?

We custom make various pet medications for different animals and pets, most commonly for dogs and cats that suffer from the following animal health conditions:

  • Allergies
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Eye Infections
  • Ear Infections
  • Anxiety
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Pet Allergies

Just like people, their pets can develop a case of hay fever! In comparison to humans, pets typically do not have a high ability to fight against allergies. Our four-legged friends can develop a variety of allergies from pollen, specific foods, pests, chemical products and much more. Our team at Pharmacy Smart will provide you with the best compound pet medication solutions for all your pet’s allergy needs. 

Pet Allergy Symptoms

If your pet is suffering from allergies, they may be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Runny eyes; 
  • Scratching; 
  • Repetitive licking or paw chewing; 
  • Swollen paws;
  • Vomiting; 
  • Diarrhea and 
  • Red skin. 

Medications for Pet Allergy

Our pet allergy medications are highly effective, as they are tailored specifically for your pet. Additionally, we can disguise the smell to trick your dog or cat into thinking it is tuna, chicken, beef, or liver, enticing them to eat the tablet.

Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

It is shown that 27% of dogs will develop a UTI at some point in their life. Although most drugs can be tolerated by dogs, it can be challenging to treat UTI when the kidneys and prostate are involved. We provide dog medication for UTI that is tailored specifically to your pet’s needs. We have the best dog UTI treatment to ensure they can have a better functioning bladder.

Eye Infections in Pets

Common household pets, like dogs, can obtain an eye infection by having something stuck in their eye that contains bacteria. 

Signs of Eye Infections

Signs of an eye infection in pets can include:

  • Light sensitivity;
  • Redness;
  • Heavy crying or whining and;
  • Green or yellow discharge forming a crust over the eyes. 

Pet Medications for Eye Infections

We offer a range of customised pet infection medication, including eye ointment for dogs to make sure their vision is crystal clear. Cats can also develop feline conjunctivitis if exposed to the feline herpes virus. We also provide an eye ointment for cats that will ensure they will have the ability to see well.

Ear Infections in Dogs & Cats

Want to make sure your pet can hear you as you call their name? A common condition for the ears is otitis, which is an infection found in the outside ear. Otitis commonly develops in pets, as the outside of the ear is where they are most likely to be exposed to pathogens such as bacteria, yeast and ear mites. It is common for dogs to develop an ear infection more than a cat as 1 in 5 dogs will experience an ear infection in their lifetime compared to 1 in 15 for cats. We offer ear infection medication for both cats and dogs to make sure their hearing is up to speed.

Does your Pet suffer from Anxiety?

Anxiety seems to be a big issue not just for humans, but for their pets as well. Common causes of anxiety in pets, specifically dogs and cats include, the development of fears and phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), getting older and separation anxiety. 

Signs of Anxiety in Pets 

Signs of your pet developing anxiety include:

  • Poor conduct of behaviour or acting out;
  • Crying and;
  • Becoming more attention-seeking.

How can compound medications help treat anxiety in my pet?

Pharmacy Smart’s cat anxiety medications are tailored to suit the personal preference for your cat, making sure it can be easily integrated with their diet and overcome any existing allergies. We also have anti-anxiety solutions for dogs, such as dog anxiety medications over the counter and anxiety tablets for dogs to make sure your four-legged friend has the most suitable treatment to take all their worries away.

Where can I get Pet Medications to help my dog or cat?

Pharmacy Smart Compounding in Melbourne aims to cater to all your pet problems. We provide compound medication tailored to your cat or dog’s personal needs. Our team of professional pharmacists operate in our on-site sterile lab and use only premium quality materials, processes and facilities built to Australian standards. Contact us today to make an appointment or visit us at one of our pharmacy locations for the best pet medications available for your four-legged friend!