Compounding Pharmacy Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss affects both men and women and is a complex problem to treat. A compounding pharmacy hair loss solution, such as a Minoxidil Solution can be a helpful hair regrowth treatment option. Mostly common in men, although some women get it, hair loss can have substantial emotional effects on an individual. Pharmacy Smart promises to provide you with the best hair loss treatment to take all your head worries away. We provide compound medications and natural remedies for hair loss conditions such as baldness, alopecia areata, scarring alopecia, anagen effluvium, and telogen effluvium. Through our hair loss treatment from 2020, Pharmacy Smart aims to support you with the right treatment to give you confidence from your head to toes. You will not have to worry about a single strand on your scalp again.

What hair loss conditions can we treat?

  • Male and Female Pattern Baldness
  • Alopecia areata and scarring alopecia
  • Anagen and Telogen effluvium

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Male and female pattern baldness

Male-pattern baldness occurs in most men starting from the late twenties to early thirties. These individuals typically lose a significant amount of hair in their late thirties, with this condition affect half of the male population by the age of 50.

This starts as a receding hairline leading to thinning in the crown as well as the temples. This creates a horseshoe forming at the back of the head. This can lead to complete baldness; however, it is very rare.

It is a hereditary condition signifying that baldness passes down from generation to generation. It is suggested it is due to a particular male hormone causing oversensitive hair follicles.

This condition can also affect a small percentage of women, mostly just above the head. It is thought that it is more likely to occur to women experiencing menopause due to having fewer female hormones when their period stops.

At Pharmacy Smart, we provide both effective male hair loss treatment and female pattern hair loss treatment catering to all balding conditions. Pharmacists typically suggest for female and male hair loss treatment to use minoxidil and finasteride as an effective genetic hair loss treatment. Our pharmacists tailor your medication to suit your needs by adding in herbal ingredients such as nicinamide to further enhance the treatment.


Alopecia areata and scarring alopecia

Alopecia Areata is caused by bald patches that can be as big as a button. This condition is most commonly seen on the scalp however can be found all over the body. It mostly affects young adults and teenagers; however, it can happen at any age. In most cases, the hair will regrow to its normal state after some time starting off as fine white but later thickening and returning to its original colour.
Alopecia areata is usually caused by an underlying issue in the immune system and is commonly found among patients who have developed an autoimmune condition such as hyperthyroidism, Down’s syndrome, or diabetes. There is a possibility that the condition is caused by genetics, as a few people with alopecia areata have family members who have previously developed hair loss.

Scarring alopecia is when your hair follicle, which is the root of where your hair stand begins from, is completely obliterated. This means that the hair won’t go back to its normal condition after it falls out. This is a symptom of other conditions such as scleroderma and frontal fibrosing alopecia.

Most pharmacists suggest corticosteroids in the form of an injection or topical ointment however has side effects such as red skin syndrome. To treat symptoms of alopecia, we suggest minoxidil and finasteride which we tailor to suit your specific needs to further improve your hair regrowth.

Anagen and Telogen effluvium

Anagen effluvium can affect not only your scalp but the hair around your body and face. This condition is usually caused after experiencing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy.

Telogen effluvium is thinning occurring across the ball – all over your face, body, and hair. This can occur as a result of a variety of medical conditions such as stress, hormonal changes, autoimmune conditions, dietary changes, to medications.

These conditions are only temporary, with the hair growing back after a few months after the hair stops falling out. It is suggested to wait out the condition; however, we do offer natural remedies for hair loss to alleviate the symptoms such as dietary changes, scalp massages, and cooling to testing for nutritional deficiencies. We offer natural alternatives such as our body lotions, serums, and pure essential oils can provide relief as you wait for your hair to return to its normal state.


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Pharmacy Smart provides the best hair loss solution for men and women. They work to offer a hair loss cure for a variety of conditions such as balding, alopecia to effluvium. We promise through our services, every strand of hair will be taken good care of.