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PharmacySmart Compounding offers only the very best, especially when it comes to our cosmeceutical and skin care solutions. Unlike many commercial cosmetic companies, we make sure our solutions are free of harsh ingredients such as dyes, fragrances, and preservatives.

Combining both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, we offer a wide range of creams, lotions, serums, cleansing gels and more to care for your skin. We also provide anti-aging preparations and skin lightening solutions for those who may require extra treatment.

Our compounding solutions are tailored to your specific skin concerns, which is why our patients have seen exceptional results from our skincare consultations, anti-aging preparations, and skin lightening solutions.

Skin Care Consultations

Everyone’s skin is different. It’s crucial to first understand your skin type to know which skin care products work best for you.

At PharmacySmart, our experts provide both in-person and online skincare consultations to help you identify exactly what your skin needs to look and feel its best. Whether you have sensitive skin or require skin lightening treatments or anti-aging preparations, we’ve got you covered.

Anti-aging Preparations

Getting older is inevitable, but for some, the process may be faster than others.

If you’re struggling with signs of premature ageing, such as crow’s feet, laugh lines, spots, and wrinkles, we’re here to offer a range of anti-aging preparations to help you maintain your youthful glow. Here at PharmacySmart, our cosmeceutical products are designed specially to protect and nourish the skin to promote elasticity and hydration.

After all, getting older may be inevitable, but ageing is not.

Skin Lightening

While we may all enjoy the sunny weather during summer, it’s also a time where there’s an increased risk of skin damage. Sunburn, sun spots, dry spots, wrinkles, and discolouration are just some of the common signs of this.

Our skin lightening products and skincare treatments are made to protect your skin and revitalise your complexion. 

For more information, simply book an appointment with one of our experienced skincare consultants.

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